November 15, 2007

It has been a while since our last post which does not mean that we were unproductive. We had some outer project problems though. I was ill for almost a week, my bike got broken and the notebook of my project partner (ASUS) packed up and still was not returned although the actual break down was almost threee weeks (or 4) ago.

Despite these pitfalls I made big progress. A week ago I decided to use spring for the whole application because the loose coupling pleased me and also seemed very useful for the project. Using spring within the deep layers worked without a hassle. After that I tried to use Spring also within the view for my JSF backing beans. This did not work because I did not get the WebApplicationContext initialized. Not having an WebApplicationContext means no web side initialization of the jsf backingBeans which renders Spring unuseful for the view part. I even tried to follow the solution of http://cagataycivici.wordpress.com/2007/09/10/using-spring-to-manage-jsf-beans/. It did not work either. I suppose that maybe ICEFaces and/or Liferay destroy the request handling/web context initialization of Spring. I did not follow the problems very far as handling view beans is not important for my application. Handling the deeper layers with Spring suffices entirely for me.

So far so good.

I know that this post could have been a bit more detailed but I am focusing completely on the completion of the project now and thus blogging is at the moment a bit unproductive for me.




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