lesson learned

November 19, 2007

As mentioned from my Project Partner, i had (do have) some Computer problems.
All of a sudden my Notebook an ASUS A6T didn’t boot anymore.
After ruling out causes that I could have repaired myself,
I went to my computer dealer and he said he will sent it in to ASUS and care for the rest..
(The Notebook has still half a year left of a 2 Year warranty)
At first I was told that it would need only 2-3 days till I’ll get it back..well that was 3 weeks ago.
After some talk to the Asus Hotline they told me, that they are waiting for parts from Taiwan to repair my Notebook..
and this may need some time..
So what do I learn from that ?
Next time spent some more money and buy a Computer with a good on location service, where you don’t have to wait weeks for some parts.
It is definitely worth the more cost!


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