My Résumé

June 18, 2008


The last blog post dates January of which I am fully aware. I am also fully aware of the fact that I announced the (with my project partner aligned) release of our project for the first half of February and that we now write the month of June. Finally – only four months late 😉 – the project files for the Image Gallery (my part) are available for download. As you can see from the subversion changelog I only made minor changes within the last four months. These last months I have waited for the completion of my project partner’s part and now cannot wait any longer. That is why my part (the image gallery) is released now. The Banner Advertisement portlet will be released sometime in the future.

Altogether I am glad to finally have finished. Because the project already got bigger than expected my résumé will be compact.

In short I learned, that:

  • beta software has to be considered beta, especially when talking about the maven site generation plug-in and hierarchical multimodule builds.
  • documentation is essential, but can cost a lot of time.
  • the more you rely on external software, the more can go wrong, especially if the software is complex.
  • the more time a project consumes the more important is testing and documenting to avoid confusion and destroying functionality which worked a few months ago.
  • open source portlet development with JSR-168 (or JSR-286 in future) is the way to go when professional and maintainable enterprise applications are needed.
  • you have to pick your project partners carefully.

To download the release of the Image Gallery, please navigate to the download site at at and consider reading the documentation at

Happy deploying.


Phillip Merensky


One Response to “My Résumé”

  1. Björn Says:

    Congratulations, Phillip! Looks great so far – I am looking forward to give it a try!

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